The Loving Company Your Doggie Needs

If only your dog could have things his/her way, he/she would be with you 24/7. However, you cannot help but leave him/her home alone sometimes because you have to attend to other important things. Fortunately, you no longer have to leave your companion alone because you can now call Happiness is a Doggie in Rye, NY.

Giving More Than Doggie Companionship

As a dog walking service provider, we strive to keep your four-legged friend happy while you are away. With us, he/she can take long walks to different places on or off leash and play with other doggies. Hence, instead of staying home alone, he/she makes friends with other pooches.

Your doggie and his/her new pals become one happy group, hiking eagerly together along picturesque spots under our guidance. They bond so well that they even lick each other in greeting when they meet again!

Whenever you leave your beloved friend in our care, he/she will never feel alone. Just call us, and one of our family members will come over on schedule to pick up your pup. To request a quote on our services, get in touch with us today.


At Happiness is a Doggie, we provide your beloved canine the same safe, warm, and loving company he/she gets from you. See the testimonials below to hear about our services from satisfied dog lovers themselves.

“Gina is a true dog lover and very passionate! She takes the dogs to the woods and the beach and it is not only a walk but a run! My dog is always so tired and happy when she drops him off at my house. And he is always so excited to see her and the other dogs! If you are looking for an exciting walk for your pub and a responsible and caring dog walker: Gina is the one!”

- Nicole Karst, Harrison, NY

“Gina has taken care of my Australian shepherd, Mia, for three years. Gina is easy to reach and absolutely dependable, and always gives Mia a really good outing or walk. Gina truly loves dogs, and Mia is always thrilled to see her come to the front door. I feel very fortunate to have found out about Gina’s services and give her the highest possible recommendation.”

- Laura Inman

“Gina is the best! My dog, Ollie, could not look more excited when she arrives to pick him up. He always comes home looking extremely happy but also very tired, which is exactly what I want! I highly recommend using Gina's services, you can trust that your dog will have a great time while being under great care!”

- Karl F

“Gina is reliable and flexible but more importantly, she loves my dog Bruno so much! She has walked him for me for two years and also looked after him when we've been on vacations, including a three week trip back to the UK. I completely trust her with him and when she looks after him I am reassured that he gets treated as one of the family. I would thoroughly recommend Gina for help with your dog.”

- Becky

“Gina is always reliable and takes wonderful care of our dog, Cooper. Her hikes always leave him tired and happy, and we know that he is in good hands with her. She even spends some extra time with him after their walks/hikes when is able. We always appreciate the text and picture updates and love seeing our happy pup running with her in the woods. I would highly recommend Gina's dog walking services to other dog parents!”

- Julie Sampson

“Gina is a remarkable dog walker. My dog Daisy is absolutely crazy about her. Gina loves to see all her doggies happy but is also very attentive to ensuring that they behave. She walks Daisy in the woods with other dogs where they all run and they love it and gets lots of exercise. When she walks her, my dog is not hyper when I get home in the evenings, only happy and relaxed. I have known Gina for more than 10 years and I truly trust her with my dog. Gina makes sure her dogs are happy and well exercised. She is honest to the point, she even informs me of small thing that happens during her walks and very often sends me pics of Daisy in the woods. I would rate her 5 of 5 stars.”

- Tine, Westchester

“Though I don't have a dog right now, my late dog used to love Gina. I have known her for 15 years and seen how she loves all animals. I have joined her a couple of times when she walks her dogs in the forest and I always get amazed by how much the dogs run and play, and how she still controls them and all come to her when she calls. They all got a treat at the end of the walk and three out of four slept in the car on the way home from the walk, exhausted!”

- Joanna, Rye

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